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quoteWe only recommend Printronix because of its robust, high-performance printers. Printronix printers stand out for their performance, reliability and ease of maintenance. The printers we bought five years ago are still working perfectly. Printronix has kept its promises – a long product life and safe investment. It’s a great reason to keep trusting in Printronix!"

-Michael Meyer, Senior Manager Operation Services

quoteBefore Printronix, we relied heavily on dot matrix printers, which were slow and prone to breaking down.  The reliability, speed and cost effectiveness of Printronix’s line matrix printers have made a difference in enhancing overall efficiency particularly in the printing of constantly needed indent slips, farmer ledgers and other reports."

-Jawahar lal Maheshwari, Modi Sugar, Deputy General Manager EDP Department

quoteWhen we decided to use RFID printers at the Grabow and Arnstadt facilities, we decided on Printronix because its high-performance printers can print both barcode (EAN 128) and RFID labels direct from SAP. These printers offer everything we want from an industrial printer. In addition to how they work, the technical impression, flexibility and price-performance ratio of these reliable printers is what convinced us."

-Ulrich Kasten, IT manager, Grabower Süsswaren Holding

quoteToday Printronix thermal printers and high-speed line matrix printers have been adopted throughout our production lines. We are very satisfied with the printers’ high reliability and stability. We also used the PrintNet® Enterprise remote management which greatly reduces our cost of using, maintaining and managing the printers. These helped enhance our competitiveness in the market."

-Wang Guang-Yin, IT System Engineer, FAW-Volkswagen Automobile Co Ltd

"Printronix’s online data verification allows us to catch a bad bar code. The printer overstrikes the label immediately in the supply chain process and automatically reprints a good label. This was a key selling point. We have been very satisfied with the performance of our Printronix ODV thermal bar code printers at our facilities."

-Terry Moore, World Kitchen, LLC

"The strike-out feature for ODV allows for unattended printing reducing labor costs. Before, a worker picked up a stack of fanfold labels and used bad ones on cartons, thus causing the conveyor system to slow down or even stop. Now, they don’t worry about it. We know the bar codes will be accurate."

-Jon Lissman, Sears Logistics Group, Vendor Relations Department

"Together, Printronix and Tharo now can offer one of the industry's most sophisticated paired solutions for managing enterprise printing and supply-chain logistics. Printronix's reputation is well-known among our customers, and we are pleased to enter into a stronger relationship with them."

-Scott Rhue, product manager, EASYLABEL

"We're very happy with the quality and outstanding performance of Printronix’s ODV solutions. The complete solution has proved to be ideal for our requirements. Finally, we have a complete system at a reasonable price that functions according to our standards, without coming up against any technical barriers. We're looking forward to working with Printronix in the future."

-Manfred Grahl, Manager Information Systems and Services, Inergy Automotive Systems

"Our customers, like us, depend on perfect, easy-to-read evidence of how many hours their staff have worked, so the only sensible solution is to use Printronix high-performance printers. Not only are the graphic quality printouts very high-grade, they also are extremely cost-effective and 100% scannable and OCR-compatible. We save not only in time, but also in costs that we'd incur on illegible printouts or expensive laser printers. Opting for Printronix with ITRIS was and is absolutely the right way for us, and so we're confident we'll be investing in more Printronix print solutions in future."

-Roland Ritter, IT Manager, About Realisator AG

"ScanSource Europe resellers providing printer applications will be delighted to learn that we now offer Printronix's high-performance thermal, RFID, line matrix printers and continuous laser printers. Complete printer solutions are now only one phone call away, whatever the type of printer needed."

-Vincent Decoster, merchandising director, ScanSource Europe

"Today’s RFID solutions require close alignment of RFID hardware and devices with the software used to manage RFID data and events. Microsoft recognizes Printronix as a leading provider of ultra-high frequency (UHF), electronic product code (EPC) printers, and we are pleased to work with Printronix to offer integration between hardware and back-end applications and business processes."

-Burley Kawasaki, group product manager, BizTalk Server product management group, Microsoft Corp

"Working closely with TATA Consulting Services and ORACLE, we chose to partner with Printronix after considering other RFID printer manufacturers. The technology and support offered by Printronix was unparalleled in terms of reliability and professionalism. In addition, the company was able to work to a quite aggressive timeframe of less than five months from initial meeting to full trial rollout."

-Graham Holford, senior system analyst at Virgin Atlantic Airways
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